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  • TV on demandAmerica on a Plate: The Story of the Diner
    Tue 22 Apr, 00:00 - Tue 29 Apr
    Writer and broadcaster Stephen Smith re-envisions the story of 20th-century American culture by taking a girth-busting road trip through its most iconic institution - the diner. ( R )
  • TV on demandArena: Ken Dodd - Happiness
    Ken Dodd's Happiness
    Sun 20 Apr, 23:45 - Mon 28 Apr
    A tribute to the Liverpudlian comic Ken Dodd, in which he discusses his career and influences. Featuring clips of his early performances and footage of him on tour in recent times. ( R )
  • TV on demandAt Home with the Georgians
    A Woman's Touch
    Tue 22 Apr, 20:00 - Wed 30 Apr
    On a journey from stately home to pauper's attic Amanda Vickery reveals how 'taste' became the buzzword of the age and gave women a new outlet for their creativity. ( R )
  • TV on demandBBC Young Musician of the Year 2014
    Strings Final
    Fri 18 Apr, 19:30 - Fri 30 May
    From Cardiff, violinists William Dutton, Dogyung Anna Im, Elizaveta Tyun and Roberto Ruisi and harpist Juliana Myslov battle it out to go through to the semi-final.
  • TV on demandBotany: A Blooming History
    Thu 17 Apr, 20:00 - Fri 25 Apr
    Timothy Walker looks at how 17th century botanists made the connection between the growth of a plant and the energy from the sun - the process of photosynthesis. ( R )
  • 1 more episode TV on demandChemistry - A Volatile History
    The Power of the Elements
    Sat 19 Apr, 20:00 - Thu 1 May
    Jim Al-Khalili reveals the breakthroughs which harnessed elements' ability to release vast power, showing how scientists are trying to create new elements. ( R )
  • TV on demandDeep, Down and Dirty - The Science of Soil
    Thu 17 Apr, 21:00 - Mon 28 Apr
    Documentary in which gardening expert Chris Beardshaw delves into the micro-world of soil to reveal what it is, how it works and why we couldn't survive without it.
  • TV on demandDownfall
    Sat 19 Apr, 21:00 - Sat 26 Apr
    World War II drama. As defeat looms, the increasingly unhinged Adolf Hitler readies himself for the end and makes his final declarations to a dwindling crowd of loyalists.
  • TV on demandEveryday Eden: A Potted History of the Suburban Garden
    Thu 10 Apr, 21:00 - Thu 24 Apr
    Writer and historian Michael Collins tells the story of the suburban garden and delivers a riposte to the urban intelligentsia who have spent a century sneering at the suburbs.
  • 2 more episodes TV on demandGardens in Time
    British Gardens in Time - Biddulph Grange
    Tue 22 Apr, 21:00 - Tue 6 May
    Biddulph Grange takes the visitor on a journey around the world from China to Egypt in a series of gardens connected by tunnels and subterranean passageways.

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